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What to do in Lofoten

To make your stay here at Anker Brygge as successful as possible, we are pleased to be at your service to arrange exiting excursions in Lofoten. Here we have gathered some of the great activities and marvelous adventures we can help you experience.

Go for a fishing trip:
We rent a fishing boat vith crew, and collect the guests at the apartments. The skipper has heard rumours about where the fish is shoaling today, and the course is set for the traditional fishing grounds that is used during the winter-fishing. Here you are guaranteed a catch – the exiting part is how much, and what sort! Enjoy the nature and breath in the worlds freshest air at sea! You will not lack great sights while you are waiting for the fish to bite!

The grandiose Trollfjord:
Trollfjorden is without doubt the tourist attraction that is visited by most during summer. You go there by boat and can experience the dramatic fjord where the mountain sides dives into the sea. It is also the fjord where the battle Trollfjordslaget was fought more than 100 years ago.

Henningsvær and the galleries:
We visit the well known and traditional fishing-village Henningsvær, built long before building regulations were introduced. Norways most distinctive and traditional town, where every building has its own “face”. Visit “Lofotens hus” and “Galleri Harr” (picture) and photographer Frank A. Jenssens multimedia show from all the four seasons in Lofoten.

Be a viking!:
Experience the vikings as they lived a thousand years ago. Around 50 km from Svolvær archeologists have unveiled the largest Viking-building ever found. The 83 meter long building is recreated as the “Viking museum”, with finds, reconstructions, exhibitions, viking-ships and continuing archeological work. Come to the “Gildehall” and party with the Viking-chieftain. You will see how our tough ancestors lived, and are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime!

High speed rafting outside Henningsvaer. It`s difficult to find a more adrenalin-driving activity than this.

Deep Sea Rafting

We ride the waves in rubber rafts, travelling at high speeds across the water. Along the ride we visit the isles along the way. Maybe Trollfjorden or the whalers island – Skrova. We make a stop on one of the many beaches along the route and eat lunch. You will not come closer to the surroundings than this!
Golf in the midnight sun! If you visit Lofoten during the summer, we recommend a trip to Gimsøya. There you will find a exiting nine hole golf course. You can play around the clock in the midnight sun!

Cruise with the old ferry ”Gamla:
M/F ”Gamle Lofotferga” was the first ferry made wood that was used in Lofoten when it arrived in 1956. This priceless object was restored to its former glory in its original style. On the ferry you can dream about long gone times, go ashore and take a dance in “Trollfjorden”, have a beach party or a fishing contest.

Lofotmuseet, Galleri Espolin & Lofotakvariet:
Storvaagan was one of the first fishing ports of Lofoten. Commercial fishing and production of stockfish tokk place here already a thousand years ago. The medevial settlement of Vágar – the first town in Northern Norway – was located here. At “Lofotmuseet” you will gain insight into the old fishing port environment, and the contrast between the fisherman`s daily routine and the luxurious life of the port-owners. The Lofoten artist Kaare Espolin Johnson has shred unforgettable light over the coastal peoples life and fates. His poetic and realistic paintings are displayed in “Galleri Espolin”. At “Lofotakvariet” you can see the fascinating underwater world of the oceans, and gain an impression of marine ecology in Lofoten. Why not visit the seal “Loffe” and the otters in the aquarium.

Boattrip to the whalers island Skrova:
Half an hour from Svolvær by boat (10 minutes with a rafting boat) we find the little fishing settlement Skrova and its 250 inhabitants. They have always lived by what the sea has had to offer. You can walk in the streets and get a impression of the mood or get a sightseeing in the fishing company “Ellingsen”. Maybe you can try your fishing luck on the trip to the island?

Magic Ice Hall:
In the ”Magic Ice Hall” the temperature is five below all year round. Here you find the Ice Bar, decorated with ice sculptures that mirrors the history of Lofoten. The glasses, the bar, walls and tables – it is all made of ice! As a guest you are dressed in warm shoes and clothes when you arrive. Then you dive into the ice surroundings, where international ice sculptors have made boats, fish, people, birds and nature in crystal clear ice. This you must experience!

Bus cruise through Lofoten:
You have the Lofoten mountains on one side of the bus. On the other side, the foaming sea. Then you travel through the landscape with farms surrounding the road. You end up at the “Viking museum” at Borg, the “Doll museum” at Sakrisøy, the carefully restorated fishing town of Nusfjord and the legendary blacksmith of Sund. You get to know Lofoten with its wild mountains and fjords.

Anker Brygge in the autumn. But don`t let the heavy skies scare you from coming to Lofoten also outside the summer!



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